Protective Intelligence Network offers
Security & Intelligence Services to Individuals,
Companies & International Organisations

We Specialise in Gathering and Analysing
Information to Identify Threats

and provide You with Meaningful Background Checks on Persons of Interest

We Conduct Online Reputation Verifications for You and Your Organisation

and Provide Weekly Intelligence Reports and Worldwide Protest Monitoring Insights

We also Organise Unique
Security Training Experiences

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Protective Intelligence Network specialises in gathering and analysing information to identify threats and provide actionable intelligence in order to enhance security postures and make strategic and tactical decisions.

Applying decades of professional operational experience in national law enforcement and distinguished criminal intelligence agencies, the security products provided by Protective Intelligence Network support customers in their proactive security decisions.

Who We Help

Individuals, Companies, Law Enforcement & International Organisations

Protective Intelligence Network conducts thorough research and assessment to provide valuable information and enhance knowledge, thereby offering clarity on various matters.

Please refer to our different areas of expertise to satisfy different necessities.

Through our extensive network, we offer a wide range of security support and solutions tailored to your specific needs. These include conducting due diligence verifications, performing background checks to identify potential insider threats, utilizing facial recognition screening for sensitive international events, implementing active social media intelligence (SOCMINT) surveillance for targeted events or locations, and delivering comprehensive security training, including CCTV behavioral profiling, to security managers and police forces.

Whilst it's difficult to describe the typical customer, it's easy to confirm that each and every customer receives the same attention and serious commitment to confidentiality.

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Why Choose Protective Intelligence Network?

Decades of professional operational experience

Decades of professional operational experience

Excellent international network of security contacts

Excellent international network of security contacts

Complete confidentiality guaranteed

Complete confidentiality guaranteed

Experienced, multi-disciplinary team

Experienced, multi-disciplinary team