Protective Intelligence Network Launches Global Intelligence Reports Subscription Service


Protective Intelligence Network now offers a weekly Global Intelligence Report (GIR) for subscription that focuses on violent extremism, terrorism, major serious crimes and criminal intelligence sharing.

These reports will support your constant collection and assessment of information allowing the possible creation of actionable intelligence and renewed mitigation postures of your organisation/firm.


Weekly intelligence reports offered at a very convenient price.

Our highly curated reports will enhance your perception of actual “glocal” threats, supporting your knowledge of antagonist groups, criminals and terrorists actions and going access to criminal intelligence notes. Our reports also provide:

  • Ease of Analysis
  • Predictive Insights
  • Global Coverage
  • Actionable Intelligence

Join the many security practitioners and important private and public organisations around the world who are already receiving Protective Intelligence Network's weekly Global Intelligence Reports.

Subscribe and start downloading your copy today!

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