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Protective Intelligence Network is a small company located in Singapore CBD.

We conveys to customers protective security notes and intelligence that support their tailored security actions and decisions.

These include open source intelligence research & analysis, geo-fenced social media intelligence monitoring, background checks and enhanced due diligences, threat assessments on events and locations, online reputational analysis and more.

Applying decades of professional operational experience in national law enforcement and criminal intelligence agencies, Protective Intelligence Network gathers and analyzes raw data and multi-lingual information using the latest technological solutions also in current use to law enforcement agencies.

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We consider each and every engagement as a prolongation of our previous work with government and international agencies, and the enduring devotion to enhance global security.

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Please Send us your CV!

We would like to know about you and your aspirations. After a complicated 2020 due to health emergency restrictions worldwide, We are now evaluating the following positions for Singaporean citizens:

- EDD Support Analyst.

(SOCMINT-enhanced due diligence, security background-checks, compliance; previous experience required)

- Sales Representative.

(Company compliance/vetting products and services; previous experience in similar business segment required)

Part-time, Full time, Project Positions.

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Please send your CV at:

Thank you!