What is Open Source Intelligence?

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a term used to refer to the data collected from publicly available sources to be used in a security intelligence context.

OSINT is drawn from publicly available multilingual material, including:

  • The Internet
  • Traditional mass media (e.g. television, radio, newspapers, magazines)
  • Specialized journals, conference proceedings, academic and think tank studies
  • Photos
  • Social Media
  • Geospatial information (e.g. maps and commercial imagery products)

From the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA website:

"An organization that invests in open source today is akin to an individual who invested in Google in its first year. OSINT has always been an integral component in intelligence … An organization with an appreciation for OSINT’s value and potential will be the most effective in the future."

How we use OSINT

Protective Intelligence Network research and gather information for you using state of the art technological solution, and particular searching techniques, providing verifications, security due diligences, reputational analysis and investigative reports.

Information is verified and when it is the case HUMINT components may apply upon specific request.

Information gathered from public sources is a great resource for security and intelligence and can be used to support immediate tactical-operational decision, or the creation of long-term strategies for a variety of security goals.

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