Timely information and preparedness save lives...

Mais Oui…, please go ahead! of course follow travelling to one of the most romantic, gourmand, beautiful (and visited) countries of the world… just travel… "informed" and "prepared".

Moreover, as per the above statistic picture, data without a contextualized explanation means not much, and gives little security support. Working and travelling to insecure areas requires awareness of risks, good analysis of context and consideration of any possible latent threats. Nowadays methodologies to risk management stress the necessity for dynamic (i.e. continuous, ongoing) approaches to risk identification as part of a planned resource application aimed at reducing the expected consequences of undesired outcomes for the object of the assessment.

Protective Intelligence Network provides the understanding of actual security risks and the possible threats that may affect your people, your brand and your travel, in any chosen location of the globe. The use of the latest technology permits to follow in real time occurrences that may affect the travel of your personnel. Worldwide sensitive events likely to have a potential security impact on your people and assets are screened and analyzed in order to provide answers that support your urgent security decision.

Protective Intelligence Network informs about, and addresses security threats, assists in the protection of people, assets, operations, information, and reputation, and provides a basis for travel security planning and decision-making.

Protective Intelligence Network is a trusted provider of the World Economic Forum.

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