Fabrizio Rossi, Advisory Board Member

Fabrizio RossiFabrizio Rossi

Advisory Board Member

Cultural Heritage Crime

Fabrizio Rossi, is a former Lieutenent of the Carabinieri Corps specialised in Cultural Heritage Protection. He recently retired from the Carabinieri with special mention of "honourable service given".

With studies centered in Humanistic Science, History of Art and Artistic Techniques, Rossi entered the Arma dei Carabinieri, a renown Italian gendarmerie corps, and had moved up the ranks, working with the Carabinieri Task Force for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Rome.

During his career he was actively involved in operational investigations and activities at national and international level.

He mainteined constant contacs and close cooperation with

-the "Office Centrale de lutte contre le trafic des Biens Culturels" (Paris, France) and -the "Brigada de Patrimonio Historico" of the Guardia Civil (Madrid, Spain), -the Art & Antique Unit (Metropolitan Police London- New Scotland Yard), -ICE and FBI (USA), and -the "Policia Federal" e Aeronautica (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

He participated to numerous international conferences and training courses in Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Ecuador, France, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, UK, USA.

Rossi has been actively involved in the Carabinieri's Stolen Cultural Works of Art Database - improving the technical/scientific knowledge of heritage protection and research methodologies, with the aim to identify cultural objects, the dissemination and information exchange with police corps, supporting criminal investigations, through daily contacts with art historian and archaeologists worldwide.

Rossi was also tasked with the drafting, editing and publication of the Carabinieri General Command "Servizio per le ricerche delle opere d'arte rubate" ("Investigations of Stolen works of art Bulletin "). The main objectives of the publication consisted in providing information and good quality images of stolen Italian works of art having a particular historical and artistic value.

Fabrizio Rossi developeed during the years very important professional cooperation with international experts.

Among those, deserves a specific mention his close professional relationship with the renown historian and art expert Professor Federico Zeri (1921 - 1998) and his team during the research carried out during the works for the publication of "Art held Hostage" Bulletin and the volume "Il Museo ritrovato- opere d'Arte sacra", De Luca, Roma, 1998.

This publication bears a selection of worldwide artistic treasures located and retrieved by the Special Carabinieri Task Force for the Protection of Cultural Heritage since 1969, when the Task Force was created (among which works by Niccolò di Segna, Giovanni da Milano, Giusto de' Menabuoi, Giovanni del Biondo, Lippo d'Andrea, Jacopo Bassano, Bicci di Lorenzo, Vittore Crivelli, Benozzo Gozzoli, Maso di Bartolomeo, Piero della Francesca, Antonio e Bartolomeo Vivarini, Giovanni Bellini, Vittore Carpaccio, Cima da Conegliano, Defendente Ferrari, Correggio, Andrea della Robbia, Raffaello, Giovan Battista Tiepolo, Pannini)

Other professional collaboration includes his support to the International Council of Museums (ICOM) during the drafting of the chapter on stolen Italian religious treasures, now included into the 4th volume of the series "One hundred missing objects - looting in Europe" dedicated to the theft of religious works of art in Italy, France, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Rossi worked as Specialised Officer within the Works of Art Unit of INTERPOL General Secretariat in Lyon (France) and accomplished several investigative missions in different regions of the world, supporting important recovery of precious stolen works of art.

Nowadays, Fabrizio Rossi provides expert support in fake and stolen art investigations for the benefit of organisations and private individuals in Europe.

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