A background check or background investigation is the process of looking up and compiling criminal records, commercial records, and financial records of an individual or an organization.

A reputation and derogatory content analysis of SOCMINT should also be considered in order to establish the overall sentiment of public digital footprints.

The first level of verification usually comprises open source based verifications, operating different technological solutions that consent the lawful access to public registers, and databases. The eventual application of HUMINT resources can be considered case by case; in such a case, the exploitation of an international network of contacts will facilitate verification in different countries.

Background Checks

Individuals and organisations might benefit from conducting international background checks.

The application of such security vetting activities range from :

  • Agencies providing Foreign domestic helpers, Housekeepers;
  • Nannies or someone will be around your children without your control;
  • Human resources offices, in the frame of new hirings selection process;
  • Event managers dealing with outsourced manpower engaged during sensitive events;
  • Landlords and real estate agents managing important rentals or sales;
  • or somebody you met online, and want to involve this person in your life further...

Take the example from this letter published on the Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times on Oct. 9, 2019 :

"...Maid agency fees are expensive and yet many agencies do little to verify the credibility of a foreign domestic worker's background, capability and integrity. Since the departure of our wonderful long-term helper of nine years, my family has had the most unpleasant experiences both with unscrupulous agencies and with unqualified, dishonest helpers over the past year..."

Background Checks

Why do a background security check?

Candidate Selection

Pick the best candidate for the job only after confirming the facts. Are candidates who they say they are? Are they as qualified as they claim? If there are discrepancies between the facts and what was presented to you, what does this say about the candidate’s character? Assess your candidate’s character and meet your behaviour standards.

Safety and Security

As these people work in close proximity to your family or during your sensitive events, protect yourself and your people by reducing the risk of a bad hire. Protective Intelligence Network conducts a comprehensive background check and bring past and/or existing potential criminal/unsavoury behavior to light.

Cost Savings

The best background checks save money in the long run by reducing turnover. While you can undertake limited telephone and online background checks yourself, professional background verification companies like Protective Intelligence Network have access to all the relevant databases and records — and the knowledge to use them correctly and responsibly. Replacing a bad hire is expensive, so make sure you get the right person in the first place.

Background Checks

Cautious Security Knowledge

On a general point of view, the vetting activity is aimed to reduce the possibility of frauds, and the so-called “insider threats” induced by the presence of criminals and terrorists, or person linked in some ways to them, or again persons or companies that expose - during the vetting process - a behaviour that is considered very negative under a reputational evaluation.

The final intention aims to enhance a cautious security knowledge on a person of interest

Background Checks

Threat Assessments

The assessment of threats comprises research strategies that permit to determine the credibility and seriousness of a potential threat, as well as the likelihood that it will be carried out in the future.

Threat assessment is a violence/crime prevention act that involves:

  • Identifying the threats to commit violent act
  • Determining the seriousness of threat
  • Developing intervention plans that address root cause that aroused the threatening behavior, protect potential victims, and suggest mitigating solutions.

The team of Protective Intelligence Network, after the analysis of possible threats against your people and firm and the evaluation of specific vulnerabilities, will provide real-time threat assessments in order to support operational and policy decision making by senior security actors within your organization.


Frequently Asked Questions

Background checks and vetting refer to the process of conducting thorough investigations and evaluations of individuals' personal, professional, and criminal history. These checks aim to verify and validate information provided by individuals to assess their suitability for employment, partnerships, collaborations, or other engagements.

Background checks and vetting are important because they help organizations make informed decisions when hiring employees, engaging with business partners, or forming professional relationships. These checks provide insights into an individual's character, integrity, qualifications, and potential risks, ensuring safer and more reliable engagements.

A background check can include various types of information, such as employment history, educational qualifications, professional certifications, criminal records, credit history, reference checks, and social media presence. The specific components of a background check can be customized based on the requirements of the organization or engagement.

Background checks and vetting are conducted through a combination of methods, including thorough database searches, document verification, interviews with references and previous employers, analysis of public records, and online investigations. Reputable service providers like Protective Intelligence Network employ skilled professionals experienced in conducting comprehensive background checks.

Yes, background checks can be tailored to specific industries or positions. Different industries may have specific regulatory or compliance requirements, and certain positions may necessitate deeper scrutiny. Protective Intelligence Network can customize background checks to align with the unique needs and expectations of different industries or positions.

When conducting background checks, it is important to comply with relevant privacy laws and regulations. It is essential to obtain proper consent from individuals and handle personal data securely and confidentially. Working with a reputable service provider like Protective Intelligence Network ensures adherence to legal requirements during the background check process.

The duration of a background check can vary depending on the depth of the investigation, the availability of information, and other factors. In general, a standard background check may take a few days to a couple of weeks. However, more comprehensive or international background checks may take longer to complete.

Yes, background checks can be conducted internationally. Reputable service providers like Protective Intelligence Network have the capability to conduct background checks globally, leveraging our extensive network of contacts, local resources, and knowledge of international regulations and databases.

No, background checks are not limited to pre-employment screening. While they are commonly used for screening job candidates, background checks can also be conducted for other purposes, such as due diligence on potential business partners, vetting of contractors or vendors, screening of volunteers, or assessing the credibility of individuals involved in sensitive engagements.

To engage background check and vetting services for your organization, you can contact a trusted service provider like Protective Intelligence Network. We will discuss your specific requirements, guide you through the process, and tailor our services to meet your organization's needs. Contact our team to initiate a discussion and explore the possibilities of conducting thorough background checks and vetting.

Choose Protective Intelligence Network for reliable background checks and vetting solutions that safeguard your family or business

Make informed decisions and minimize risks with our background checks and vetting services. Our comprehensive screening process provides valuable insights into individuals and organizations, including employment history, criminal records, financial stability, and reputation. Trust our thorough and accurate vetting procedures to ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of your employees, partners, and vendors.

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