Martina Focardi, Advisory Board Member

Martina FocardiMartina Focardi

Advisory Board Member

Forensic Pathology

Dr. Martina Focardi, graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Florence, Italy, with a grade of 110/110 and honors; in 2005 she specialized in Forensic Medicine, with vote 70/70 and praise.

Dr. Focardi 1st level Master in Clinical Ethics Everyday, at the University of Florence, Italy. (2007).

In her specialization course she attended the following courses:

  • Postgraduate Course in Penitentiary Psychopathology: "Nosographic Aspects and Therapeutic Interventions", at the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Florence, Italy. (2003)
  • Postgraduate course in "Forensic Psychology", at the University of Genoa, DIMEL, section of Criminology and Forensic Psychiatry.(2004)
  • Training and supervision course in forensic psychopathology and judicial psychology: Part I (general and special criminal) at the Operational Unit of Forensic Psychiatry, Judicial Psychology and Criminology, in Turin, Italy. (2006)

In 2017 she obtained the national scientific qualification for 2nd level Professor.

From 2012 to 2019 she held the position of Forensic Pathologist at the Forensic Medicine Unit of the University Hospital of Careggi - Florence, Italy.

From 2019 to present days Dr Focardi is Acting director of the Forensic Medicine Unit of the University Hospital of Careggi - Florence and Head of the Forensic Pathology Unit of the University Hospital of Careggi - Florence.

Dr. Martina Focardi provides specialised consultancy activities for the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Civil, Criminal Court and the Juvenile Court, of numerous Italian province. She also carries out didactic activities in forensic medicine at study courses for the attainment of a university degree, degree or specialization, or at schools for the training of health personnel.

Dr. Focardi is lecturer in numerous II level Masters for the following topics: forensic pathology, post-mortem identification, age assessment in living people.

From 2004 to date, Dr. Focardi has presented over 70 reports on forensic medicine at national and international congresses and conferences, and over 80 scientific publications.

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