Stefano Bandinelli, Member of the Board

Stefano BandinelliStefano Bandinelli

Member of the Board

Forensic Investigation
Ballistic Analysis

Superintendent of the Italian National Police at the Regional HQ of the Forensic police in Tuscany.

Expert in Ballistic analysis, he participated in the academic course in investigative forensic techniques organised by the central Directorate of the Italian forensic police in Rome. (Servizio Centrale Polizia Scientifica)

Bandinelli is renown in Florence as he investigated some of the most notorius and heinous crimes occurred in Italy during the last two decades.

For example, he was member of the forensic investigation team of the infamous so-called "Florence Monster" case, (Mostro di Firenze) an unidentified serial killer active within the Province of Florence between 1968 and 1985. The Monster murdered fourteen victims, usually young couples, secluded in search of intimacy in Tuscan wooded areas during new moons.

Moreover, he was a consultant in dozens of hunting shooting incidents where victims were unintentionally shot and complicated legal trials applied.

On this account, Bandinelli offers highly specialised trainings to law enforcement agencies and hunting associations on safety and investigative, ballistic, procedures.

Mr. Bandinelli owns a degree in Security Sciences delivered by the National Police Academy at Italian national police in Rome, a national Diploma in Ballistic Analysis from the Consorzio Armaioli Italiani in Brescia (Italy), and a Certificate of Expertise in the use of the Integrated Ballistics Identification System obtained in Florida (USA).

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