William Lippert, Member of the Advisory Board

William LippertWilliam Lippert

Member of the Advisory Board


Mr. Lippert is a senior criminal intelligence analyst and PhD candidate, with more than 25 years of experience in the fields of crime intelligence and defense policy analysis.

For six years he worked in various jobs for the US Department of Defense, including for the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Hart-Rudman Commission. At DIA, he was an all-source strategic counterdrug analyst focusing on South America.

He left the US to work for INTERPOL in Lyon, France, where he had a variety of tasks as a crime intelligence analyst for terrorism, organized crime, major event security and threats, and general transnational crime. Among his many focus areas were nuclear terrorism and trafficking and terrorism in Southeast and East Asia. The latter work was done while based in INTERPOL’s headquarters in Singapore.

His other INTERPOL work including developing and delivering crime analysis training to police officers and analysts, facilitating and promoting INTERPOL’s crime analysis capabilities through database development and developing new analytical methods, and managing analytical projects. Mr. Lippert represented INTERPOL in many international forums and worked closely with law enforcement officers and subject matter experts in international organizations around the world.

Mr. Lippert is currently pursuing a PhD at Leiden University, Netherlands, focused on conventional arms control in Europe and is a frequent publisher in academic and defense journals. He is also a non-resident fellow in the Brussels-based Global Governance Institute.

Mr. Lippert is graduate of American University and Georgetown University, both in Washington, DC. He is a US, Irish, and Vietnamese national.

Contact Information: w.e.lippert@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

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