Travel Intelligence and Security Tracking. Collaboration Agreement Signed Between Protective Intelligence Network and Vismo.


In October a new Collaboration Agreement was signed between the Singaporean company Protective Intelligence Network and Vismo, renown tech company with HQ in York, England. Vismo is part of the Cellhire Group of Companies, a leading Global Service Provider of mobile communications based in the UK. Cellhire is a Queen’s Award winning independent company.

In the frame of Travel Intelligence services, Protective Intelligence Network proposes 'Travellers and Key Figures Security Tracking' support, using renown Vismo tracking technologies designed to locate individuals travelling the world using their smartphone, tablet or personal GPS Trackers, and providing a detailed tracking, active even when indoors.

Geo-fence and panic button alerts allow Protective Intelligence Network command centre in Singapore to track, protect and respond to customers as they travel to high-risk - hostile environment areas worldwide; geo-fences will also permit subscribers to receive dedicated intelligence awareness feeds, aimed to inform travellers on events having a possible security impact at their actual location.

The system can also apply to sensitive events worldwide, offering a constant mapping of key figures within your Organization and invited VIPs within a specific venue/location during the entire event, or again, in order to monitor the position of security entities in a large dynamic context.

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