Carts Holdings & Consultancy & Protective Intelligence Network - Collaboration Agreement for the African Continent

In June 2019, a new Collaboration Agreement was signed between the Singaporean company Protective Intelligence Network and CARTS Holdings & Consultancy Limited, company with HQ in Kampala (Uganda) and Coventry (United Kingdom).

CARTS Consultancy addresses the security challenges by researching crime, strengthening the war against illicit drugs and human trafficking crimes, investing in cyber security, and supporting the sharing of best practices among private and public security actors in the African region.

In April 2019, CARTS launched a new program “Save Uganda Girls” aimed to investigate modern-day slavery, and support Uganda women in distress, gathering information about victims and their location in Africa and Middle East, and working with law enforcement community and national authorities in order to rescue and repatriate victims to their country of origin.


The Chief Executive Officer of CARTS Consultancy is Ms Elizabeth Kuteesa, a strong advocate for collaboration and regional networks, renown former Head of the National Criminal Investigation Department of the Uganda Police Force, and until 2018, Director of INTERPOL Global Outreach and Regional Support Directorate at the international criminal police organization in Lyon, France.

Protective Intelligence Network collaboration agreement with CARTS Holdings & Consultancy, aims to develop the provision of different services such as OSINT Investigation, SOCMINT activities, Background Checks for sensitive events, Travel Intelligence, Facial Recognition services and specialised Security Training for different entities in the African continent.

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