Mastercard – The Importance to establish a Security Network

Published on 6th September, 2022

Mastercard – The Importance to establish a Security Network.

Criminals do connect and network…

Collaboration between offenders is essential for criminality. Without the participation of multiple individuals, some crimes become harder or impossible to execute.

For example, an interesting ongoing research project found more than 4,000 offenders connected through multiple shared criminal events in Bogotá (Colombia) between 2005-2018. The number of people in this network represented almost 41 per cent of the prison population as of 2018, according to figures provided by the National Institute for Penitentiaries and Prisons (INPEC).

Protective Intelligence Network was invited in the last months by Mastercard Corporate Security to take part in monthly networking lunches, among APAC corporate security directors, law enforcement, and top security companies’ representatives.

Mastercard Corporate Security Network Lunches is an outstanding event in Singapore and represents a great way to foster relationships and alliances between law enforcement, business, and security stakeholders.

Mastercard – The Importance to establish a Security Network.

The event aims to assess criminal trends, advance critical infrastructure protection, and general safety and security efforts by identifying best practices and facilitating opportunities for networking among security practitioners.

Such events’ outcome, results in a safer environment for the public with less crime, achieved through more effective collaboration rather than an increased budget.

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