Terrorism Behavioural Detection Practitioner Course

Published on 13th March, 2023

Terrorism Behavioural Detection practitioner course is a new training course proposed by Protective Intelligence Network in collaboration with the Counter Terrorism Certification Board of Singapore.

Behavioural detection refers to a method of detecting individuals with hostile intentions by observing their behaviours and activities.

When incorporated with other security measures, behavioural detection can be a powerful tool that can be implemented in a range of environments, as part of a systematic approach to disrupt criminals and terrorists carrying out activities that aim to cause harm to others.

This course is developed discussing three principal areas:

  • Terrorism, terrorist and extremist ideologies, terrorist targets, and tactics;
  • Criminal behaviours, and human behaviours within a criminal and terrorist context.
  • Surveillance, Counter Surveillance

In practice, Protective Intelligence Network's course will provide the basis for:

  • understanding different typologies of terrorism and political violence;
  • the application of protective human behavioural scanning and screening, especially in a counter terrorism context;
  • the identification of deceptive verbal indicators and body languages patterns;
Terrorism Behavioural Detection Practitioner Course.

After a comprehensive presentation of the different terrorist ideologies, their related preferred target, and the most common terrorist tactics applied, the course will follow offering an understanding of the different connotation in human behaviours within a criminal and terrorist context.

The aim is to offer a learning experience that will permit the trainee to define, classify and recognize different human behavioural patterns, criminal behaviours, related psychological aspects, deceptive verbal indicators and body language outcomes.

Terrorism Behavioural Detection Practitioner Course.

This course is quite unique in Asia as it associates a critical understanding of terrorism ideologies, tactics, targets, and the way to adopt proactive postures through behaviour led observation, intelligence profiling, intelligence questioning, symbolism awareness, therefore a proactive threat mitigation.

The course will also introduce the trainee to realistic outdoor surveillance simulation.

Terrorism Behavioural Detection Practitioner Course.