Sky Marshals - New Collaboration Agreement with European leader company "DME Aviation Consulting"

Published on 13th April, 2023

DME Aviation Consulting is a renowned European company based in Rome, offering consultancy for the aviation industry. The company was created by former Air Force pilots and civil aviation commanders and proposes a different range of aviation services:

  • Aviation and General Industry Audit

  • Armed Forces Procurement

  • Aircraft Brokerage

  • Training and Assessments for Managers and Operators involved in different complex industrial fields (flight crew above all), with innovative, educational approaches.

The company is especially active in Europe, United Arab Emirates, and Taiwan.

The collaboration with Protective Intelligence Network aims to offer specialised training for onboard safety and security operators, so-called "air marshals", covert law enforcement,counter-terrorism agents or specialised security practitioners on board of commercial aircrafts, tasked to protect the passengers and the flight.


To avoid tipping off terrorists and other bad actors, air marshals maintain anonymity and use cover stories while traveling back and forth between international and domestic cities and may also support investigative work conducted on the ground by law enforecement agencies.

Sky Marshals - New Collaboration Agreement with European leader company

Protective Intelligence Network in collaboration with DME Aviation Consulting, will train participants to work undercover, blending in with passengers aboard commercial aircraft, and scan for potential threats using investigative techniques and behavioural detection.

Moreover, new learning activities will also consider training participants to escort UHNWI when travelling on business jets, moving to and from airports in densely populated, congested areas, and possible hostile environments.


We are extremely happy for this new partnership.

Thanks to DME Aviation Consulting for your confidence in our capabilities.

Sky Marshals - New Collaboration Agreement with European leader company

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