Supporting Singaporean Beauties ... :-)

Published on 6th December, 2023

Supporting Singaporean Beauties ... :-)

In the bustling heart of Singapore, Ava G., a renowned model crowned few days ago in a major European beauty contest, faced a minor crisis. Her new iPhone, containing irreplaceable memories and professional contacts, had vanished while travelling. She therefore turned to Protective Intelligence Network (PIN), known for discreet yet effective investigations.

Our team, a blend of contacts from various corners of the globe, sprang into action. Our first breakthrough came from an unsurprising source – the iPhone's own technology.

Thanks to its advanced geolocation features, we pinpointed the device in a small but vibrant city in the Americas & Caribbean region.

This discovery was the first thread in a complex web spanning continents.

Supporting Singaporean Beauties ... :-)
  • Apple's Find My iPhone service combines data from these sources to provide accurate and up-to-date location information for your device. Find My iPhone uses a combination of methods, including:

  • GPS: If your iPhone has a GPS receiver and is enabled for location services, it can provide very precise location information. GPS is the most accurate method for determining a device's location when it has a clear line of sight to GPS satellites.

  • Wi-Fi: Your iPhone can also use nearby Wi-Fi networks to determine its approximate location. It does this by scanning for known Wi-Fi networks and triangulating its position based on their signal strengths.

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth signals can be used for proximity-based location tracking. Apple devices with Bluetooth can detect other nearby Apple devices and use their Bluetooth signals to help determine the location.

  • Cellular Signal: Your iPhone can use the strength and location of nearby cell towers to estimate its location, especially when GPS or Wi-Fi data is not available or less accurate.

  • iCloud: Find My iPhone relies on Apple's iCloud service to transmit location data. When you enable Find My iPhone on your device, it regularly sends its location data to iCloud, allowing you to track it using the Find My app or the iCloud website.

Apple's Find My iPhone service combines data from these sources to provide accurate and up-to-date location information for your device.

As our team delved deeper, they uncovered a link to Italy, where the beauty pageant contest had taken place. A meticulous examination of the participant's register to the event from local law enforcement contacts revealed a startling connection: the current phone's location corresponded to the address of another contestant, a fellow "Miss" in the competition.

The revelation was shocking for Ava; yet provided a vital lead. The team, leveraging a global network, coordinated a series of discreet inquiries in both Italy and the location where the phone was pinging.


The breakthrough came when one of our local contact in the Americas & Caribbean region, managed to establish a direct line of communication with the other "Miss."

A prompt and convincing conversation, filled with professionalism and tact, led to an unexpected outcome.

The other contestant, overwhelmed by the persuasive arguments and the evidence presented, agreed to help returning the phone, and explained that she was sincerely unaware, and the fact that the mobile phone was in her luggage was most probably consequence of a "bad joke".

The iPhone's journey back to Singapore started today. Ava is elated and grateful, and praised us for the very quick resolution.

We are also happy for this outcome. The investigation, a whirlwind of international collaboration, highlighted protective intelligence network ability to navigate complex situations across different cultures and legal frameworks.

Supporting Singaporean Beauties ... :-)

This success story wasn't just about retrieving a stolen phone. It demonstrated the power of teamwork, the effectiveness of blending technology with human intelligence, and our commitment to resolving issues with sensitivity and speed. Even in a digital world, human connections and trust remain invaluable and make the real difference.

By the way! Our most sincere congratulation to beautiful Ava and to Singapore for winning this international contest! 🥰