Protective Intelligence Network's newest service: AI Document Verification

Published on 5th March, 2024

Excited to introduce Protective Intelligence Network's newest service: AI Documents Verification.

Following the introduction of a new Social Media Training Simulation platform also used by the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, and a state of the art Deepfakes detection system service for audio, video, and images, AI Document Verification now joins the 2024 suite of services offered by Protective Intelligence Network in Singapore.

Our goal is to serve as your comprehensive source for all intelligence and security requirements.

This cutting-edge service merges advanced AI with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, delivering unmatched precision in document verification. Our system is adept at extracting critical data from identity documents, utilizing advanced features to ensure authenticity and prevent fraud.

Partnering with one of the top organizations in The Netherlands, we have gained access to over 11,000 formats that have been classified and analysed across more than 200 countries.

Protective Intelligence Network's newest service: AI Document Verification.

Key features of this service include:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Efficient extraction of vital details like name, date of birth, and document number from the document's visual parts.

  • Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) Decoding: Our AI seamlessly deciphers the MRZ, capturing essential information such as nationality code and issuing state.

  • Data Matching: Compares information from visual elements and MRZ against each other to confirm document integrity.

  • Data Format Validation: Validates the accuracy of data against national standards for document formats, identifying any anomalies.

  • Authenticity Checks: Utilizes computer vision algorithms to match extracted document parts with original government-issued formats, ensuring legitimacy.

  • Ghost Portrait Analysis: Detects missing or mismatched ghost portraits, flagging potential spoofing attempts.

  • Metadata Analysis: Delves into the document's metadata to spot signs of forgery across eight distinct checks.

  • Splicing Detection: Employs deep neural networks for pixel-level analysis to identify manipulated fields.

  • Digital Footprint Screening: upon specific request, Protective Intelligence Network is also equipped to conduct a thorough examination of the individual's digital footprint. This screening option can complement the Document Verification process, aimed at bolstering the verification framework by providing an additional degree of certainty and assurance.

These comprehensive checks position our AI Document Verification service at the forefront of securing genuine identities, crucial for enhancing national security and combating various forms of document-related fraud.

Protective Intelligence Network's newest service: AI Document Verification.

In today's interconnected world, the verification of identity and the detection of fraudulent use of identification documents such as ID cards, driving licenses, travel documents, and passports are paramount.

  • This rigorous process is essential not only for combating terrorism and enhancing national security but also for ensuring the safety of international events, and safeguarding individuals and organizations from scams and fraud.

At the global level, especially during international events which draw large crowds and high-profile participants, the verification of identity ensures that only authorized individuals gain access, thereby minimizing the risk of any security breaches. It also plays a significant role in the smooth operation of global travel, enabling legitimate travelers to move freely while deterring illegal entry and migration.

On a more personal level, the verification of identity documents helps prevent identity theft, financial fraud, and scams, which have become increasingly sophisticated in the digital age.

By ensuring that passports, ID cards, driving licenses, and other personal documents are genuine, individuals and institutions can protect themselves from being exploited by fraudsters.


In essence, the rigorous verification of identity documents is a cornerstone of modern security strategies, acting as a first line of defense against a wide array of security threats and fraudulent activities.

It is why services like Protective Intelligence Network's AI Document Verification are so vital, offering a robust solution to the challenges posed by the fraudulent use of identity documents.

Protective Intelligence Network's newest service: AI Document Verification.

Exclusive Offer for Government Agencies & Major Corporations

In our commitment to fostering a safer digital landscape, we are delighted to extend an exclusive discount on our Deepfake Detection service to government agencies and major corporations. By partnering with us, cutomers can enhance their resilience, protect critical infrastructure, and uphold security in an age defined by technological disruption.

Protective Intelligence Network's newest service: AI Document Verification.

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