The development of behavioural detection, especially during sensitive events, directly relates to the continued threat of a terror attacks in our society. A service that was primarily provided by trained police officers, there is nowadays acceptance that also private security providers may play a very important role in this unique field.

A Counter Terrorism Behavioural Detection operator, looks for the subtle signs that may indicate that a person does not fit in with those around them, being able to anticipate moves, or discover deception and hostie surveillance.

Counter Terrorism Behavioural Detection

This course is developed discussing three principal areas:

1) Terrorism, terrorist and extremist ideologies, terrorist targets, and tactics;

2) Criminal behaviours, and human behaviours within a criminal and terrorist context;

3) Surveillance, Counter Surveillance and applied technologies.


The course will provide the basis for:

  • understanding different typologies of terrorism and political violence;

  • the applicaion of protective human behavioural scanning and screening, especially in a counter terrorism context;

  • identification of deceptive verbal indicators and body languages patterns;

  • the understanding of surveillance techniques, and the detection of hostile surveillance actors.

Counter Terrorism Behavioural Detection

How the course will develop:

After a comprehensive presentation of the various terrorist ideologies, their preferred targets, and the most common tactics they employ, the course will proceed to provide a profound understanding of the different connotations in human behaviors within a criminal and terrorist context.

The goal is to create a learning experience that enables trainees to identify, classify, and recognize various human behavioral patterns, criminal behaviors, psychological aspects, deceptive verbal indicators, and outcomes of body language.

The course will then continue with lectures, videos, and practical exercises designed to foster an understanding of covert surveillance, cover identity exploitation, and counter-surveillance behaviors.

Furthermore, trainees will be introduced to realistic outdoor controlled surveillance operation.

Counter Terrorism Behavioural Detection

About This Course:

This course is quite unique in Asia as it offers a critical understanding of the root causes of terrorism and extremism, including ideologies, tactics, targets, and how to adopt proactive stances through behavior-led observation, intelligent profiling, and questioning, thereby facilitating proactive threat mitigation.

Given the content of this course, it is accessible to individuals serving in civil service, law enforcement, or intelligence roles. Enrollment for members of the general public will be subject to a vetting process at the time of registration.

A final exam and an attendance certificate will be awarded at the end of the course.


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