The simulation is structured around a critical incident involving far-right content targeting a religious institution, escalating into a subsequent terrorist attack.

This scenario is meticulously designed to reflect the kind of high-pressure situations that professionals may face in real-world crises.

Trainees are tasked with not just managing the public response to these provocations and the attack but are also required to engage in investigative techniques. The objective is to identify antagonist actors spreading harmful content and to unravel the complexities that lead to the terrorist attack, with the ultimate goal of pinpointing two possible perpetrators.

Counterstrike Digital Simulation:

Throughout the course, participants will delve into the dynamics of crisis communication on social media, learning how to craft messages that mitigate the impact of the crisis while addressing public concern and maintaining the integrity of the investigation.

The simulation emphasizes the critical role of digital literacy, equipping trainees with the ability to discern between misinformation and factual content, a skill paramount in today’s digital age.

Moreover, the course provides a deep dive into the investigative process, highlighting the importance of digital forensics, behavioral analysis, and intelligence gathering.

Counterstrike Digital Simulation:

Trainees will learn how to use social media as an investigative tool, analyzing patterns of behavior, connections between users, and digital footprints that could lead to the identification of the assailants.

Participants will also be introduced to the concepts of counter-narrative strategies and how to implement them effectively to combat extremist propaganda and prevent further escalation of the situation. This includes understanding the psychological underpinnings of radicalization and how to use this knowledge to disrupt extremist networks.

By the end of the training, participants will have developed a comprehensive skill set that enables them to respond to social media crises with confidence, precision, and strategic foresight.

They will be adept at navigating the complexities of digital crisis management, from the initial response to the investigative and intelligence-gathering phases, ultimately contributing to the mitigation of the threat and the restoration of public safety and trust.

Counterstrike Digital Simulation:

This course is an essential training module for professionals in law enforcement, intelligence, and security roles who are looking to enhance their ability to manage and respond to cyber crises and terrorist threats in the digital sphere.

With its rigorous simulation, practical exercises, and expert instruction, trainees will emerge better prepared to face the challenges of the modern, interconnected world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of the course content, civil servants, members of law enforcement, intelligence services, and the military are pre-qualified for enrollment. For all other prospective participants, a thorough vetting process will be conducted for security reasons prior to enrollment.

Counterstrike Digital Simulation:

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