Thai Law Enforcement - Interagency Cooperation in Organised Crime Investigations

In November 2020, Protective Intelligence Network - in collaboration with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the Combating Transnational Criminals and Illegal Immigrants Center (CTIC) in Bangkok - supported the Royal Thai Police and Thai law enforcement agencies in the preparation of a national training curriculum and a handbook on "interagency cooperation in the frame of transnational organised crime investigations".


Interagency cooperation involves two or more agencies deciding to work together in partnership and is critical in the fight against organised crime.

It originates in the recognition by these agencies (or by policy makers at a higher level) that they have a common concern and / or that they are often working on solving a similar problem, and looking for a similar final goal.

The comprehensive handbook aimes to provide guidance to Thai law enforcemement practitioners in the enhancement of cooperative postures, in the frame of transnational organised crime investigations.

Some of the modules included considered:

  • Interagency Cooperation Models and application;
  • Collection of Security Information;
  • Intelligence Gathering during Policing Activities;
  • Criminal Investigations & Investigative Interviews;
  • Financial Investigations;
  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis;
  • Crime Scene Management;

and a major exercise simulating a complex organised crime investigation in Thailand, with links in six other countries in South East Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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