Protective Intelligence Network: Innovative Ai-enabled Web Analytics Security Platform

In March 2021, Protective Intelligence Network acquired a new analytics platform supported by robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to be implemented in the frame of online investigations and background checks assignements.

Security analytics platforms are tools which provide proactive and exploratory activities via behavioral machine learning and analytics techniques. The new AI enabled platform allows for the discovery, screening, and curation of data obtained from the scrutiny of million of sources across the public, deep and dark web.

Protective Intelligence Network's analysts in Singapore are now able to easily filter information to be used in an endless number of ways in the frame of security and intelligence tasks.

Everything - from Social posting to identifying security threats to a public figure or location, or investigative insights and identity validation within vetting processes - is now more consistently retrievable and reliable.

The new AI's capabilities are complemented by state-of-the-art linguistic abilities able to convert 'flagged' data points from over 180 languages into meaningful semantic outcomes.

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A continuous innovation spirit is what constantly pushes this security intelligence company forward. As technology as well as customer demand expands or changes, so the capabilities of Protective Intelligence Network in Singapore.