Protective Intelligence Network New Corporate Video! Web Intelligence Monitoring

“If background checks represent an insurance policy against risky and adverse events, web intelligence monitoring activities provide an extensive and comprehensive coverage plan.”

The team of Protective Intelligence Network, supported by the latest technological solutions and AI-enabled platforms, lawfully monitors multi-lingual open-source information available on the web and on social media.

This in order to discover so-called antagonist or negative signals that may represent a security or reputational concern for your Organization, sensitive meeting, public figures event, or again, during travels in risky locations worldwide and in the frame of security background checks and due diligence activities.

In the following video an example of activities accomplished in our Offices.

Online investigations are lawfully accomplished through specific multilingual semantics, social network analysis, and geo-located in preselected perimeters of interest. Consequent threat assessment and background checks of antagonist actors and entities is accomplished in real time.

Possible activities are:

  • Search open-source material of security concern through semantic and geo-location
  • Search key-terms across more than 180 languages
  • Analyse data output
  • Validate information and identities
  • Pinpoint the origin of online chatter on maps
  • Verify current threats or disruptive intentions
  • Target Exposure Reports (TER)
  • Reputational Analysis
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Accomplish background checks and profiling of POI linked to adverse online activity
  • Support the production of actionable intelligence for mitigation and counter-measures application
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We consider each and every engagement as a prolongation of our previous work with government and international agencies, and the enduring devotion to enhance global security.

As technology as well as customers demand expands or changes, so the capabilities of Protective Intelligence Network in Singapore.